Best Local Businesses Tahoe City Outdoor Adventurers Love

If you like the wind in your hair and the sun at your back, it’s hard to imagine a better place to call home than Tahoe City.

But to get the most out of all that outdoorsy wholesomeness, you need to be healthy, well-stocked, and properly equipped.

The magic that makes that happen is — yep, you guessed it! — a steady supply of quality goods ’n services.

Here’s a handful of local businesses that’ll go the extra mile to help local outdoor adventurers do more of what they love.

#1 Tahoe Mountain Sports

I’m going to come right out and state the obvious here. There are scores of stores you can visit to grab some swanky outdoor clothing.

Tahoe Mountain Sports shines out though because getting your feet in this year’s model of hiking shoe isn’t their primary goal when you walk through their front door.

Visiting this store is always an education. Their staff know their stuff and will spend as long as it takes to help you find the right gear.

Tahoe Mountain Sports won’t just set you up with the right swag, they’ll also make sure you’re equipped with the best information.

#2 Start Haus

To see why Start Haus is a cut above your average biking and skiing equipment store, check out their website (or drop into their store) and peruse the services they offer.

You’ll see it instantly. This is not a business that’ll slap your feet in any pair of skis, or park your butt on a generic mountain bike that isn’t right for your size and frame.

From hand prepping your skis to performing a full tune-up of your bike and its hardware, everything about Start Haus screams attention to detail.

These are the folks you want in your corner if you want to know, 100 percent, that your outdoor adventure equipment won’t let you down.

#3 New Moon Natural Foods

Ah, New Moon Natural Foods! We all probably got the memo by now that the right body fuel will help you stay energized and healthy when you’re knee-deep in adventure in the Great Outdoors.

But New Moon Natural Foods makes the process of eating-clean fun, and — kind of ultra-importantly — delicious.

Two words: Spanish Caravan. You’re welcome!

Here’s to the Folks Who Keep Us Going!

We might feel invincible as we prep for that next big adventure, but the truth is, even something as minor as a chipped tooth can lay you low if you don’t have access to someone who can help you out. (Pro tip: Tahoe City Dentist will absolutely help you out. They’re the people to see if you need your gnashers seen to in and around Tahoe City.)

The romantic idea of outdoor adventure is that we “go it alone.” The truth, for the vast majority of us at least, is that we need a base camp of goods and services to make all that fun stuff possible.

So here’s to the small businesses and the passionate folks who run them. Without you guys, the adventures wouldn’t be quite so fun.